Does Anybody Make an N64 Clone Console?

The Nintendo 64, a keystone in console history. It deserves a good clone console. Thanks to companies like Hyperkin, lots of retro systems have modern day clone consoles for use in place of original hardware. However, the N64 is platform they don’t cover (yet). So, if Hyperkin don’t sell an N64 clone console, then who … Read more

Anbernic Win701 – Everything We Know So Far

In the retro handheld community, we’ve taken Anbernic into our hearts. After all, they have the master key! Their ability to recreate the elusive feel of a 1990s Nintendo handheld turns us to virtual mush—we can’t get enough of that sensation of 1998 at our fingertips! So, naturally, the community is watching on with trepidation … Read more

Rainbow Islands Versions Reviewed and Ranked

When a video game is successful—as Rainbow Islands was—it is inevitably ported to platform after platform. And that’s great, because it means no matter what console you went with, you probably won’t miss out—there’ll be a version of said game you can pick up. However, when there are many different versions of a game, it … Read more